California Department of Justice


Open Justice - Data Portal 

The California Department of Justice has many reports regarding Police Departments across the state.  The various reports are all accessible in the Open Justice Data Portal.  We have created links to the most commonly requested reports.  You can also view all of these reports by following the link below.

Open Justice - Data Portal


Use of Force Reporting

Foothill - De Anza College Police Department did not have any Use of Force incidents in 2019. CA Department of Justice Use of Force Report - 2021

For a list of all CA Department of Justice Crime Reports: California Department of Justice - Crime Data


Complaints against Officers

You can view the last four years of reports in the below linked Excel files.  The first file is Foothill - De Anza College Police only (ID# 4327).  The second file is the complete list for California (set to our local area).

How to read the Complaints against officers report - READ ME

Complaints against Officers - State of California 2016 - 2021