***   2024 Update    ***

Parking permits are NOT required until Summer 2024


The following information on parking permits is estimated to resume in Summer 2024...

Parking permits are required 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All persons parking a vehicle at Foothill College or De Anza College for any amount of time will receive a parking citation unless they have a current and properly displayed parking permit on the vehicle. A copy of the FHDA Parking and Traffic Regulations can be found here.

Student Permits

Quarterly or annual parking permits can be purchased by students through MyPortal. If you have any problems with this process, contact the Foothill - De Anza College Police at 650-949-7313.

Daily Permits

Please check back with us in fall/winter of 2023 for more information on how to obtain a parking permit.

Timed Spaces

There are free timed parking spaces in Lot 8 and near the Campus Center at Foothill College. At De Anza College there are timed parking spaces in Lot A1 in front of the Registration & Student Services building. Having a student, staff or daily parking permit does NOT extend or remove the time limit on these spaces. If the vehicle exceeds the timed limit, a parking citation will be issued. It is NOT permitted to re-park any vehicle in the timed spaces in an attempt to extend the time limit.

Parking Citations

Parking citations issued at Foothill/De Anza are $45.00 ($325.00 for handicapped violations). Parking citations may be paid or contested online at

Student vs. Staff Parking 

There are staff parking lots located at both colleges. Any students found parked in a staff lot or staff parking space will be issued a parking citation.

Staff parking spaces are marked with YELLOW paint and student spaces are marked with WHITE paint

Contest or Make a Payment

To look up, CONTEST or MAKE A PAYMENT for a parking citation, you can complete an on-line form at, or you may pick up and complete a Foothill-De Anza College District Parking Citation Administrative Review request form (at the Foothill Police Station or De Anza Substation). Mail it to:

Passport Labs, Inc
Attn: John Friedrich
325 Daniel Zenker Drive
Horseheads, NY 14845

An automated system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to check the status of your parking citation, or pay by calling 888-913-3711, or online at Customer service representatives are available on weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (except holidays) at 888-913-3711.

To MAKE A PAYMENT for a traffic violation, visit the County traffic page here, call 408-556-3000 or write to:

Santa Clara County Superior - Traffic Court
191 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Indigent Status Payment Plans (AB503)

It is the policy of FHDA Community College District that the registered owner (CVC 460 & 505) or person responsible for parking citations, who qualify for indigent status, shall be allowed to enroll in a payment plan. This policy is in response to changes made to the California Vehicle Code as a part of Assembly Bill 503 (CA Vehicle Code 40220).

  • Any citations associated with the vehicle, registered owner, or person responsible may be included in the payment plan at the time of enrollment.
  • If additional citations are issued while a payment plan is in place, the plan will not be modified to include the new citations, nor will a concurrent payment plan be offered.
  • Citations in a payment plan will not be used toward immobilization/tow/impound (booting) requirements pursuant to CVC 22651(i)1.

Individuals who meet one or more of the following determinations of indigence will be approved for special processing as required by CVC 40220. Any of the following financial situations meet the requirements for approval:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and State Supplementary Payment (SSP).
  • California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Act (CalWORKs) or a federal Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF).
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the California Food Assistance Program (CalFresh).
  • County Relief, General Relief (GR), or General Assistance (GA).
  • Cash Assistance Program for Aged, Blind, and Disabled Legal Immigrants (CAPI).
  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).
  • Safe firearm handling techniques;
  • An applicant whose monthly income is 125 percent or less of the current federal poverty guidelines (

Payment plans must be set-up at the FHDA District Police Department during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (call 650-949-7313 for appointment). The form to apply for the Indigent Payment Plan can be obtained HERE, or in-person at either the Foothill or De Anza Police Stations.

If an applicant's indigent status is found to have been willfully fraudulent, his or her fines and fee reduction shall be overturned and the full amount of fines and fees shall be restored.

The fee to enroll in the Indigent Payment Plan is five dollars ($5.00). Payment plans will allow the payment of unpaid parking fines and fees to be paid off in monthly installments of no more than twenty-five dollars ($25), for total amounts due that are three hundred dollars ($300) or less. However, unpaid parking fines and fees shall be paid off within 18 months. There shall be no prepayment penalty for paying off the balance prior to expiration of the payment plan period.

An approved payment plan waives all late fees and penalty assessments, exclusive of any state surcharges described in Sections 70372, 76000, and 76000.3 of the Government Code, if an indigent person enrolls in the payment plan. Waived late fees and penalty assessments may be reinstated if the person falls out of compliance with the payment plan.

Applications for indigence determination / payment plans must be received within 60 calendar days from the issuance of the most recent parking violation, or 10 days after the administrative hearing determination, whichever is later. The registered owner or lessee who fails to enroll in the payment plan within the time specified in the notice, or who is not eligible for the payment plan because he or she is not indigent, will not be approved.

When a registered owner or lessee falls out of compliance with the payment plan, a one-time extension of 45 calendar days (from the date the plan becomes delinquent) will be given before the payment plan is cancelled and a DMV hold is initiated.

Payments must be made each calendar month.

  • No invoices or payment reminders will be sent.
  • Once a payment date is set, there is no grace period for late payments.
  • Payments cannot be made on-line.
  • All payments will be due by the 5th day of each month.
  • For mailed payments, a postmark is acceptable to meet this requirement.

Payments must be mailed to:

Passport Labs, Inc
Attn: John Friedrich
325 Daniel Zenker Drive
Horseheads, NY 14845

This policy shall not affect individual campus procedures for using the Franchise Tax Board, or the student hold process for fee collection.

Parking & Traffic Violation Citations

Parking tickets and traffic violations issued at Foothill or De Anza College by Foothill-De Anza Police are legal citations that cannot be canceled by the College administration.