RESOURCES / Policies

  • FHDA Police Department Policy

    "The Foothill – De Anza Community College District, as well as throughout the country, is characterized by thousands of public contacts each year; some of which are under very challenging circumstances and conditions. In each and every one of these contacts, the goal must be to accomplish our lawful objectives, while carefully safeguarding public trust.

    Your Foothill – De Anza Community College Police Department is a fully accredited, POST participating agency within the State of California whose authority is granted from 830.32 of the California Penal Code. The FHDA Police Department prides itself on its community oriented approach to solving problems and enforcing laws. In addition to law enforcement services, the Police Department provides many other services such crime prevention tips, safety escorts, vehicle battery boosts, assistance with vehicle lockouts and several personal safety programs.

    We are pleased to present to you and the members of the District we serve, with our deparmtent policy manual. It is my hope that with the application of guidelines as outlined within this policy, along with our member’s good judgment and desire to serve the public, the Foothill – De Anza Community College District community, and visitors, we will provide the most professional police services possible."

    - Daniel Acosta, Chief of Police

    • Campus Alcohol & Drug Policy

      The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of any illicit drug or alcohol by students on district property, at district activities or events is prohibited.

      The use of drugs and alcohol may pose significant health risks. Health Services at Foothill College and the Health Office at De Anza College offer additional information on the risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. You can also receive referral information for drug or alcohol counseling, treatment and rehabilitation programs from both health offices. For more information, call Foothill at 650-949-7243, or De Anza at 408-864-8732.

      Employees and students may be suspended or expelled for the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol. Appropriate disciplinary action may also include requiring the completion of a rehabilitation program. The standards of conduct for students and the applicable sanctions for violating the standards are published in the Foothill Student Handbook, De Anza Student Handbook, and Board Policy #4500.

    • No Smoking Policy

      In order to provide a safe learning and working environment for students and employees, smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor campus locations, with the exception of designated smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited in district vehicles. The District No-Smoking Policy can be found here and the associated Administrative Procedure can be found here.

      " No Smoking" signs are conspicuously posted at building entrances and in employee lounges, restrooms, locker rooms, dressing areas, cafeterias, lunchrooms, stadium and sports facilities. In addition, designated areas for smoking will be clearly marked. Citations may be issued to violators of the No-Smoking Policy. Fines are $25 for first offense, $50 for second offense and $75 for third or subsequent violations.

      This policy relies on the consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. It is the responsibility of all members of the district to observe and follow the guidelines. This policy shall be communicated to all employees annually and published in the colleges' Schedule of Classes, handbooks, websites, and other appropriate locations. The Foothill College Health Services Office provides a variety of smoking cessation aids. To learn more about these services, visit the Health Center in Room 5941 or call 650-949-7243.