Police Chief’s Advisory Committee (PCAC)


The FHDA Police Department is responsible for the Police Chief’s Advisory Committee (PCAC). The PCAC members are comprised of administrators, staff, faculty, and student representatives.


The purpose of the Police Chief’s Advisory Committee (PCAC) is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of public safety topics and issues affecting the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and community. The discussions are intended to be a collaborative, open, honest, respectful, and engaging exchange of ideas. The desired outcomes are to build trust, address community concerns, provide a greater understanding of the complex issues surrounding campus safety in the community college learning environment and provide recommendations to help support the goals and initiatives of the community and the Police Department.

More about the PCAC can be found here.


The Police Chief's Advisory Committee (PCAC) is an advisory body to the Chancellor's Advisory Council (CAC). The role and responsibilities of the PCAC include making recommendations to:

  1. Build trust between the police department and the community through open and respectful communication and transparency.
  2. Hear and determine possible ways to address community concerns including:
    1. Crime reduction programs with the Community Policing Philosophy
    2. Delivery of police services to the FHDA community
    3. Make recommendations to Issues affecting public safety



See the list of PCAC commitee Members here.






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